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"But a shot in the dark one step away from you
A shot in the dark not a thing that you can do
A shot in the dark always creeping up on you"
~Ozzy Osbourne

To  our Kablooie II members...
Aloha! Thanks for stopping by! We'd like to hear from you. Drop us a line if you get a chance.

For  the uninitiated... E Komo Mai! (Come in, welcome!)

Many of our Kablooie II gamers are regulars. The carnage is often extreme and is not recommended for young or novice gamers. Unsportmanship like behavior is frowned upon and "Team Killers" (TK'ers) will be promtly "auto" banned. Everyone playing is there for a good time. If you use a Dialup connection, we appreciate your interest but please don't connect and slow down everyone else.  What is Kablooie? Kablooie II is a Blood Gulch Halo PC map that's not "modded". We have two servers, a bulletin board, a growing membership and this website. 

If you care to join us, send your email address with YOUR REAL NAME to: webmaster@HalComm.net

We are actively seeking a gamer who is well versed in Clanwars rules and willing to organize & train our members into teams for Clanwar competition.

What's new?

New web site coming soon and we now have a Voice Server! (see below). 


To join (you don't have to be in the clan to join our group): send your email address with YOUR REAL NAME to: webmaster@HalComm.net. In return, you'll receive the bulletin board address where you can learn (or give) playing tips, stay in touch with friends and get to know other players. We'll also update you on tournaments we're having and other news via email. Server Information

Who plays Kablooie II? 
Check it out here

Malama pono! (Take care, be right!)

~b@D k@RM@

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